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Welcome to my very first #mooimaakmetmarie blog! We have a new crafting blog for you every month to inspire your creativity and share some of the tips and tricks that I have learnt over the years with you!

Beautiful statement wreaths, in my opinion, shouldn't be reserved for Christmas time only! I love adding little touches like this to our home. They add such a beautiful flair to any table; whether you are a decorating your dining-room table for the girls from Book Club, planning a dinner party or simply to brighten a corner in your home for you to enjoy.

Accent pieces like this don't have to cost the earth or be overly complicated and take hours to make. Follow my simple 3 step guide to make a gorgeous succulent wreath in just 60 min using the cuttings from your own garden.

Lets get started, here's a list of what you will need;

  • Secateurs (kitchen scissors will do too)

  • Selection of succulents (ideally look at incorporating a variety of textures / heights / colours)

  • A box to safely store your cuttings

  • Floristry wire

  • Wooden Grapevine Wreath (found in most Garden Centres)

  • Air plants to add a little something extra to your table

  • Your favourite scented candle for your table setting

  • A chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc (not required but highly recommended)


Grab your Secateurs and cuttings box and head out to your garden. I would suggest looking for a variety of succulents giving careful consideration to different textures, colouring and heights of your cuttings to keep your wreath looking full and three dimensional.

Once you have your selection find a space where you can spread out and make a little creative mess on the way to making something magical!


Arrange your succulent cuttings on the table to give you a feel for their placement, you will quickly see where you will need more height, variety of succulent or change in colouring to create a unique, interesting wreath that suits your taste and style.

You could alternate larger plants with smaller cuttings around the wreath or look at focussing the larger plants in one area to create a beautiful focal point along one side. There is no limit to the combination and ideas for your wreath. I encourage you to relax and aim for natural beauty over perfection.


You will now start to attach your cutting to your wooden wreath using floristry wire. Keep your cuttings box close as you will need to use some of the smaller cuttings to help fill in any gaps. Try to tuck away any visible floristry wire to give it a professional look. Give each piece a gentle tug to make sure it has been firmly attached to the wreath.

If you have any air plants at home, these make such a beautiful addition to scatter of the top of your wreath and spill out over the table. You'll see how we have done that here over our Country Tree Table Runner. You could add your favourite scented candle in the centre of your wreath or leave it just as is for a simply but stunning centre piece.

BONUS TIP: When you are finished enjoying your wreath you can simply bury it in a decorative pot to enjoy indoors or bury straight into your garden to create a succulent ring!

And that, my friends, is how you can make your own succulent wreath in under an hour using most of the things you'll find in your garden and tucked away in your crafting cupboard!

I would love to see all your lovely creations so please be sure to post your succulent wreath with the hashtag #mooimaakmetmarie and tag us in your pic so we can share your handy-work!

If you have any questions or need a little extra help - I would love to hear from you!

You can reach me in my DM's on either Facebook or Instagram or use the chat feature here on my website or pop an email over to me on marie@countrytree.co.za.

I am just a few clicks away my crafting friends!

I hope you enjoyed our very first #mooimaakmetmarie ! We will have a new crafting blog for you next month, until then - happy crafting! Marie x

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