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Updated: May 14, 2020

Who could have guessed that just a few short weeks after my first #mooimaakmetmarie blog post that the world would experience the biggest leveler across countries and cultures in our living history? COVID-19 has left an indelible mark on us all.  

Amongst the dramatic changes we have experienced in our day to day lives and amidst the uncertainty of what lies ahead for us, it is more important than ever to actively seek out moments of joy. For me, that comes from expressing my creativity in my studio. Sometimes I just need to hide away from the incessant negativity on the news streaming through our homes on our tv screens, radios, and tablets even if just for 30 minutes. It's important to stop, retreat, and return to the simple pleasure of making.

I’ve felt so helpless during the last few weeks of lockdown and was reminded that sometimes the act of sharing can be enough. So, whilst we will return to our planned creative content to inspire and delight you, this month I’ll take you through a simple step by step guide to make a fabric face mask to help protect you and your family. 

I’ve included some photographs to help guide you through the process so just follow the steps below and if you can, try to breathe and relax and take this time for yourself.

The beauty of making your mask is you’ll have the opportunity to use some of the gorgeous swathes of fabric that find themselves tucked into the back of cupboards and craft drawers of your home. I have also seen some kids getting creative on plain fabric masks using fabric markers to create their designs!

Here are a few things you’ll need to get started:

  • 36 x 25 cm of fabric for the outer layer of the mask.  Any denim or cotton twill will work well.

  • 36 x 25 cm of fabric for the inner layer of the mask. Any cotton weave will do.

  • Tape measure

  • Elastic - approx 46cm

  • Fabric Marker Pen

  • Scissors

  • Cut out Printable Pattern (download link below)

Fabric Face Mask Patter - Country Tree
Download • 464KB


Step 1:

Print and cut out the cutting pattern.

Step 2:

Place the pattern on top of the fabric you’ve selected for the outer layer of your mask, mark the outline with your fabric marker on the underside and cut out the pattern x 2.

Step 3:

Next, lay the fabric out for the inner layer of your mask and mark the outline with your fabric marker on the underside of the fabric and cut out the pattern x 2.

Step 4:

Match the two pieces of outer layer fabric you have just cut out so that the printed fabric faces inwards. Stitch along the outer edge of the rounded section only. Repeat this on the fabric for the inner layer.

Step 5:

Work your way around the edge you have just sewn and cut small slits into the fabric (approx 1 cm long) and repeat along the rounded edge.

Step 6:

Separate the fabric layers along the seam line and iron flat along the stitched seam edge.

Step 7:

Position the two sections together, right sides facing each other inwards. Stitch along the outer edges leaving the two sides open. Work your way around the edge you have just sewn and cut small slits into the fabric (approx 1 cm long).

Step 8:

Turn the fabric inside out so that the outer layers are now facing outwards and the exposed seams are inside the fabric layers.

Step 9:

Use an overlocker or zigzag stitch along the open sides.

Step 10:

Use an iron to press all the seams.

Step 11:

Cut the elastic to suit the individual that will be using the mask. We have found that 23 cm per side worked well, finish with a firm knot. Allow approx. 2 cm for the knot.

Step 12:

Place the elastic on the side edge of the fabric mask, ensure the knot is centered, and then fold over the fabric approx. 1.5 cm over the top of the elastic and secure in place by stitching on both the top and bottom pieces.

BONUS TIP: If you would like to add in a flexible nose piece for a tighter fit you could simply hand stitch a piece of pipe-cleaner over the nose bridge that you would pinch onto the nose when wearing the mask.

And there you go - you should now have your own mask!

We also completely understand that whilst your heart may be willing, your time and pressures at home may simply not allow you to indulge in some crafty 'me-time'. Our online store is here for you with design's and sizes available to suit the whole family!

Click on the image below to take you straight to our online store to own your original Country Tree printed mask. For all our international friends, the great news is we now offer worldwide delivery for our mask range too!

Stay safe friends and don't forget to make time for yourself to be creative and inspired, now more than ever!

Marie x

Friends, please do note - this mask is designed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 but as far as we know the best form of prevention is to ensure you wash your hands thoroughly and regularly for at least 20 seconds with a detergent. I am not a trained medical professional, the mask has been designed in-line with the current information we have available to form part of our prevention plan for day to day personal use. Please do ensure you consult a medical professional if you have any concerns or require any medical advice.

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